2022 Holiday Concert Schedule


Below is the 2022 holiday concert schedule for the Bay Village schools, which runs from Dec. 5 through Dec. 19 and highlights the music programs at Westerly Elementary, Bay Middle School, and Bay High School. 

These concerts feature our talented student musicians and offer a wealth of holiday spirit and enjoyment. 

Happy holidays from the Bay Music Boosters! 

2022 Bay Village Schools Holiday Concert Schedule

Volunteers Needed to Provide Decorations for Holiday Concerts


We need volunteers to help us gather supplies to decorate the high school auditorium for the holiday season of amazing concerts! Items can be dropped off any time prior to Wednesday, Nov. 30, at the Rhea residence – 27030 Bruce Road. 

Questions, please email Tricia Rhea at MaryPatriciaRhea@gmail.com or call her at 216-469-2490.


  • Large empty boxes, gift wrapped with big bows. Shiny blue and/or silver. Red is OK for the bows, but not required. Large is defined as similar to a big-screen TV box because it is skinny. Or, a box big enough that a laundry basket could fit in it 
  • Any quantity of new or used blue, silver, or white traditional ornaments. The bigger the better. 
  • Large , 15″-18″shiny silver bows.  Two will be used for tree toppers and two will be put on our 4′ round wreaths. The two for wreaths will have standard length tails, but the two for the tree need to have longer tails.  
  • Two-pack heavy duty command hooks/strips.  

For more information, and to sign up, please visit: 

2022 BHS Auditorium Holiday Concert Decorations

Bay High School senior featured in recent local news story highlighting school music program and educators


Bay High School senior and violinist Jennifer Kasunick was recently featured in a Channel 3 news story that highlighted her experience since elementary school in the Bay schools music program. The story also showcased a piece called “Fearless”, which was written for Jen by Bay High School band director Darren Allen and which she performed at the school orchestra concert on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

Please take a few minutes to watch:

Fearless Bay High School violinist grateful for dedicated music educators

Thank you from the Bay Music Boosters


Our community showed up for its students during the August 6 membership drive and fundraiser. Your support will make a difference in the lives of our young musicians, whether through new student services, exciting activities, or more learning opportunities.   

We strive to give our students the best possible music education and experiences every year. With your generous donations, we will have an incredible year of music in 2022-2023! 

In the end, your gift is going to Bay Village students, and they can’t thank you enough. 

Bay Music Boosters 

Bay High School 2022-2023 Symphonic Band and Marching Band Field Commanders

Congratulations to our new Field Commanders for the 2022-23 Marching Band Season: Sophie Buckingham and Adam Ward

Congratulations to the Symphonic Band for 2022-23. If you feel like you improved over the summer, I will hear you again towards the end of marching band season. 

If anyone wants to try bassoon or French horn, let me know.

Symphonic Band 22-23


Miya DeBolt

Mary Catherine Murtaugh

Ava Phelan

Rachel Ploenzke

Faith Teutschbein


Sophia Buckingham

Marie Hunt


Emma Lindway


Maggie Buttrick

Raymond Cox

Matt Jennings

Clara Lang

Brooklyn Marriott

Grace Pierce

Hailey Turk

Norah Schlegel

B. Clarinet

Joe Palmowski

Alto Sax

Brandon Dimare

Ted Donahue

Andrew Mold

P.J. Sobczak

Tenor Sax

Daniel Surdy

Nik Wassmer

Laila Fiorentino

Owen Gerig

Bari. Sax

Connor Bush


Geoffrey Greunke

Caitlyn Hartzell

Maia Jones

Iain Ray

Connor Spellman

Evan Trnavsky

Adam Ward

French Horn

Keira Krumbine

Chloe Hoban

Gwynn Miller 


Owen Appenheimer

Delany Carter

Ewan Moss

Peyton Myers

Nick Lucak


Alexa Feicks

John Weber


James Chilton

Holly Lucas

Evelyn Ray


Conrad Burt

Josh Carpenter

Ella Deibel

Andrew Feizli

Jacob Dwyer

Joey Hinshaw

James Kelly

Elizabeth Kibbey

Rocco Lombardi

Jack Oster

Gabe Scialdone

Adam Stasek

Nick Szekely

Adam Tenerowicz

Logan Yeager

Cyril Yuhas