Have you ever wondered what the Bay High Rockettes Team is?

The Bay High Rockettes are a Precision Dance Drill Team. They have been part of the Bay High Marching Band for over 60 years. The Team has gone through minimal changes throughout the years because tradition is highly important to the Team. The uniforms have been the same for the last 30 yrs! It is a privilege and an honor to be a Rockette. All former Rockettes share a sisterhood like no other. They choose to complete one another rather than compete. They choose collaboration over competition.

A Precision team uses group chorus movement to illustrate exactness of performance and precision dance, and employs steps that emphasize the overall geometric effect of the dancing rather than the individual dancer.The Rockettes are ambassadors of school spirit.  

Bay High utilizes the Rockettes to inspire the school and community with game day traditions, pep rallies, spirit signs, parades, and more.  They help create Bay pride and loyalty through their performances.  

Being a Bay Rockette teaches young people how to work hard to improve their skills and reach their full potential.  Being a Bay Rockette develops responsibility, and self-respect, encourages honest effort, cultivates character while striving for excellence, increases physical fitness, and fosters teamwork.  The ability to be a team player is valuable in every stage of life. Through dance, athletes learn to work together to set short–term and long-term goals and build strategies to accomplish them.

The Rockettes are made up of two lines.  A Senior Line and a Junior Line.  Each line has around 20+ members.  The Senior line focuses on dance Kick line routines and is comprised of high school juniors and seniors.  The Junior Line focuses on Flag routines and consists of Freshman and Sophmores.  Both lines utilize fun props in their routines such as canes, poms and hooplas. Both lines march and perform with the Band at all football games, some basketball games, parades and other events throughout the entire school year.  It is not a “seasonal sport”.

The Rockettes fall under both the Music Department and the Athletic Department.  They are considered athletes due to the demanding technical skills it requires and are included in all OHSAA related topics such as Sports Nutrition info, training room use and the athlete code of conduct. Tryouts are usually held in April for the following school year. 

Dance drill teams are similar to military drill teams as their movements are also precise and dancers move as a unit. Many dance drill teams use modern, ballet, folk, tap, and hip hop moves in their routines.

Some skills required are: marching, splits, memorization, teamwork

Rockette Coach, Liz Baumgartner
Rockette Assistant, Coach Spenser Bell
Volunteer Assistant, Bridgette Dougherty

New Rockette Uniforms for 2024

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