The Bay Rockettes uniform is rooted in a rich tradition of excellence and has not been updated or changed much for over 30 years. We hold a deep respect for the history and tradition of our current uniforms.

In looking over the current uniforms, we have found that many are torn, stained, and have shown their wear and tear over the past several years. We also do not have enough sizes to piece together full sets of uniforms for the upcoming season.

So at the beginning of the school year, we started looking for a replacement. After much research and checking with multiple vendors, we were unsuccessful in finding a vendor that would replicate the current iconic uniforms. A committee of parents, students, and past Rockettes set about finding something that honored the tradition and stayed classy.

We are SO excited for what the committee has found! Pictured are the new Kickline uniforms. These new uniforms are beautiful, size-inclusive, have both warm and cold weather options, and are easier to maintain and replace while also staying true to the classic essence of the Rockette tradition. New uniforms will not only elevate our performances but also pay homage to our past while propelling us confidently into the future.

But don’t worry – the boots are here to stay! So excited for this new fresh chapter!

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