Volunteers Needed to Provide Decorations for Holiday Concerts

We need volunteers to help us gather supplies to decorate the high school auditorium for the holiday season of amazing concerts! Items can be dropped off any time prior to Wednesday, Nov. 30, at the Rhea residence – 27030 Bruce Road. 

Questions, please email Tricia Rhea at MaryPatriciaRhea@gmail.com or call her at 216-469-2490.


  • Large empty boxes, gift wrapped with big bows. Shiny blue and/or silver. Red is OK for the bows, but not required. Large is defined as similar to a big-screen TV box because it is skinny. Or, a box big enough that a laundry basket could fit in it 
  • Any quantity of new or used blue, silver, or white traditional ornaments. The bigger the better. 
  • Large , 15″-18″shiny silver bows.  Two will be used for tree toppers and two will be put on our 4′ round wreaths. The two for wreaths will have standard length tails, but the two for the tree need to have longer tails.  
  • Two-pack heavy duty command hooks/strips.  

For more information, and to sign up, please visit: 

2022 BHS Auditorium Holiday Concert Decorations