Marching Band & Rockette Meeting/Parent Picnic

We are going to have a meeting for all marching band parents on Wednesday July 31st at 6:30pm* at the Bay High School Stadium Pavilion. *(Note this date is different than listed on the band calendar.) Attendance at this parent picnic is highly recommended.  

We will be giving out all of the information for the year, including how to assist with chaperoning, hospitality, uniforms, and other needs during the season.  We will also go over the uniform contract and the care and responsibility that the marchers have for these uniforms.  This meeting is a great way to connect with other band parents.  With this large group, we depend on our parent volunteers to make each year a success.  We greatly appreciate your willingness to take part in this experience with your student(s) and hope you will enjoy being part of the band parent community.

The Pavilion is located just inside the main entrance to the stadium.  Please bring your own lawn chairs or a blanket.  

For our potluck picnic on 7/31/24 @ 6:30pm, we asking everyone to bring the following:

Freshman parents please bring a main dish for 6 people (i.e. a bucket of fried chicken)

Sophomore parents please bring a salad or side dish for 6 people

Juniors parents please bring desserts for 6 people

Senior parents bring Cold beverages (in coolers) 12-24 cans/bottles of water

If you have multiple children go with your youngest…

Don’t forget your calendar!

Please be sure to subscribe to the band emails for all of the latest information during the season.  Click on the Subscribe tab:

We look forward to another great marching band season!

Go Rockets!

Darren Allen

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