Important Year-End and Summer Band Dates


The following information will help you navigate the busy end of the year that is May in the band world:  

  • May 15 (Mon.), 7pm: Spring Jazz Concert 
  • May 18 (Thurs.), 6:30pm (Awards), 7PM (Concert): BHS Band Concert (symphonic and concert) 
  • May 24 (Wed.), 3:30pm-5pm: BHS Drumline auditions 
  • May 29 (Mon.), 7:45am (Attendance):Memorial Day Parade 
  • May 30 (Tues.), 6:15pm (Attendance: All freshmen, sophomores, and juniors): Graduation 
  • June 1 (Thurs.), 3:15pm: Field commander and Squad leader tryouts 

In addition to this, all non-senior band members have audition music for Symphonic band, which is also your final. You will play for me during QRPs, during a break in your final schedule or during the scheduled band final time. There will be sign-up sheets on the band room door soon.  

I am still finalizing some things on next year’s band calendar.  The band camp schedule is here:

  • July 26-28 (Wed.-Fri.), 8am-3pm: Drumline Rehearsal
  • July 26 (Wed.), 10am-11:30am: Marching Band Leadership Meeting (field commanders, squad leaders)
  • July 27-28 (Thurs.-Fri.), 8am-12pm: Marching Band (Squad Leaders, New Marchers)
  • July 31-Aug. 4 (Mon.-Fri.), 8am-12pm: Full Marching Band Practice (all members; drumline continues Monday and Tuesday only until 3pm)
  • Aug. 3 (Thurs.) 12pm: Returning members uniform try-on
  • Aug. 3 (Thurs.), 6:30pm: Band info meeting, new members and parents 
  • Aug. 5 (Sat.), 10am-1pm: Door-to-Door Drive (all members)
  • Aug. 7-10 (Mon.-Thurs.), 8am-5pm: Marching Band Camp (all members)
  • Aug. 8 (Tues.), 6pm-8pm: Uniform Issue Night
  • Aug. 11 (Fri.), 8am-1pm: Morning Practice, Picture Day, Full Uniform (all members)

 We are looking forward to a great 2023-24 band year.  Have a great summer!

Mr. Allen